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Final Project Presentations

Os alunos do Focus, último estágio avançado do curso Fisk, apresentaram seus projetos de conclusão de curso neste sábado, dia 28/04/2012.

Apesar do nervosismo, os alunos deram um show de cultura e habilidade de expressão em inglês.

Parabéns a todos!

“I chose soccer because this is the most popular sport in our country, boys are taught by their fathers how to play it since they are kids; it is a democratic sport, in other words, rich and poor people can play; it involves a lot of money and is a trend topic nowadays because in 2014 there will be the World Cup in Brazil.”  Bruno Bernadeli Bevevino
“The choice was made: New York. An amazing place, beautiful, special. No matter where I go, I’ll never forget it.”  Caroline Martin
“São Paulo is now one of the best cities to live in Brazil, but there’s still too much to be improved.” Cleber M. Manhone
“When I was asked to choose a topic for my final project I could only think about Audrey Hepburn, a lady model who I truly admire and respect.” Gabriela Hipólito Cabral
“I’m going to talk about Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) because it’s a kind of fight people usually think is too violent, but I will show the other side of it.” Guilherme Consentino
“I chose this topic because it is a passion of mine since I started studying Advertisement and Publicity. It became one of my funniest ways to spend my time, along with drawing and writing.” Kátia Karoline de Souza Ortega
“This TV series is about some friends who live in the same house and, of course, a lot of weird things happen there.”  Lauro Tomiatti e Murilo Gomes
“Grease is one of the things I like the most, probably the topic that I enjoy and know best in my life. I watched this movie for the first time around 4 years ago, and after this, I was delighted and interested in the actors and the production of the movie.”  Letícia Vicente Costa
“I hope I can express myself and how this movie is important to me since it shows us an important moment of world history, with a lot of great music and lyrics and the adorable Christian and Satine’s love story.”  Nathália Melo Bruno


“Thank God for allowing me to perform this activity, my parents, teacher Alan Couto for his dedication, Fisk Coordination that, through the language, allowed me to meet the world.”   Caroline

“We will miss our English Classes.”   Lauro and Murilo

“At the end of this project I realized that everything will change, but for the best.”   Cleber

“With the help of teachers and Fisk, today we are saying goodbye to an important time of our lives.”   Nathália

“We thank you all for your dedication throughout these years. We thank you for teaching us so much. Hope to be seeing you soon in the Proficiency Course.”   Pedagogical Coordination – Fisk Vila Formosa

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