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London 2012 – Olympic Games

Opening date:  July 27, 2012

Closing date:  August 12, 2012

Place: London, Great Britain




The London 2012 Games will be centered around the Olympic Park in east London, which will be the site of a number of new sports venues. Up to 180,000 spectators a day will enter the Park to enjoy the Games, making it the principal focus of Olympic activity in summer 2012.

Aerial view of the Olympic Park

The main venues – the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre,Velodrome and BMX Circuit, as well as the hockey, handball and basketball arenas –  will be easily accessible through a network of footbridges and walkways within the Park.

Olympic Stadium
Aquatics Centre
BMX Circuit
Hockey arena
Handball arena
Basketball arena

The Olympic Village will be within walking distance of all the venues in the Park, enhancing the experience for athletes and officials.

Olympic Village

The use of other prestigious venues – such as Wembley Stadium for football, the All-England Club in Wimbledon for tennis, Lord’s Cricket Ground for archery and Horse Guards Parade for beach volleyball – is also a feature of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wembley Stadium
All-England Club in Wimbledon
Lord’s Cricket Ground
Horse Guards Parade

Medals and Mascots

London 2012 Olympic medals designed by British artist David Watkins. The Olympic medals disk circular form is a metaphor for the world. The front of the medal always depicts the same imagery at the summer Games – the Greek Goddess of Sport – ‘Nike’ – stepping out of the depiction of the Parthenon and arriving in London.
London 2012 mascots Wenlock and Mandeville


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