Apresentações de Projetos – 2016

Durante o último estágio do nível avançado os alunos desenvolvem um projeto de tema livre. Ao término deste estágio, eles fazem uma apresentação em inglês/espanhol à coordenação pedagógica da escola.

O resultado é sempre muito bom, pois a diversidade de temas proporciona  um aprendizado rico em cultura.

Em 2016, os formandos de inglês apresentaram os seguintes projetos:

“I’ve decided to talk about a singer that was very polemic, but continues having a lot of success. I’ve always admired him and his music, that inspired so many people.” – Dyana Moreira do Nascimento
“I decided to talk about astrology. I really like this topic, because it’s different from everything. It’s something that never got out of style in my life, but I find it very intriguing and mysterious” – Aline Paula Sinatora de Souza
“This game is a part of our lives, we’ve played it since its release and we’ve never stopped.” – Gabriel Varolo dos Anjos, Vinicius Tartaro Mazziero and Ygor Domingos Aranha Branco
“The main reason why this theme was chosen is beacuse we both love and really feel inspired by tattoos, which is totally connected to growing together in this course and sharing our interest in this topic.” – Amanda Bertelli Paiva and Glaucia Tristão Galmacci
“We respect the female fashion and we consider it an art, because it is one of the ways we have to express ourselves.” – Gabryella Soares Faquineti and Vitória Gomes Nogueira Pinheiro
“I chose this theme because it was my childhood dream and I think I can express my feelings with this theme.” – Maria Beatriz Pereira Tiago Monteiro
” I chose this topic to express and show that there is a communication with a group of people that sometimes feel exempt by the society because  it is not every person that knows Sign Language”. – Ana Beatriz de Souza Quina
“Es muy importante que conozcamos nuestros origenes. Muchos pueblos se desarrollaron y prosperaron, eran pueblos distintos y singulares” – Guilherme Souza Macário

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“Also about growing up in this course, it was such a great time of our lives, that we learned a lot of things and met people that we will carry through our whole lives, just like our teacher Vinicius that made every class special , not only worried about tecahing English but also contributing to our formation as human  being.” – Amanda and Glaucia

“When I started studying English atFisk my life changed in a way that I couldn’t describe.” – Aline

“The teachers never gave up on me, they ‘ve always believed in my potentialand now English is helping me with a lot of things.” – Dyana

“Our knowledge about English has been increased, with the help of many teachers  that made everything for us to have fun while learning.” – Gabriel, Vinicius and Ygor

“Quiero agradecer las maestras, personas muy valientes cuya profesión  es formar otros profesionales, solo puedo agradecerlas por la atención y paciencia que tuvieron conmigo.” – Guilherme

Agora rumo à proficiência:


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