Notícias de eventos

Olimpíadas de Londres 2012 – Exposição de Trabalhos

A coordenação pedagógica da Fisk Vila Formosa organizou uma exposição com os trabalhos feitos pelos alunos durante as Olimpíadas. Todos além de entrarem no clima de London 2012, também aprenderam muito com esta oportunidade.

Confiram as fotos.

As crianças dos estágios My First English Adventure, Playground e Have Fun ficaram responsáveis pelo mural dos esportes olímpicos.

Os alunos dos estágios Teenstation 3 em diante e os de espanhol tiveram o tema livre.

As turmas do estágio Teenstation 1 fizeram um mural sobre Londres, sede das Olimpíadas deste ano,  descrevendo suas  atrações  turísticas e o Jubileu de Diamante da Rainha Elizabeth II.

The Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s reign.
A popular sight at the Tower of London is the Beefeaters: keepers of the Tower and guardians of the ravens.
The Olympic Stadium
Big Ben is the nickname for the bell in the clock tower near the Houses of Parliament in London, but we now think of the tower and clock as Big Ben as well. Big Ben is recognized worldwide and local Londoners rely on its accurate chimes to keep time!
Built to celebrate the Millennium and now a favorite sight-seeing excursion, the London Eye gives you views far out over London.
At times a palace and a prison, the Tower of London has stood proudly since 1066!
All over the world people recognize London’s “black cabs” or taxis.
If you visit London you are almost certain to jump on a big red double-decker bus like these ones!

One of the best ways to see the sights of London, these open-topped sight-seeing buses are a familiar sight around the capital! You can see the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in the background.
Crossing the River Thames since the 19th Century, Tower Bridge was built to allow tall-masted ships to sail down the river.
A must-see event on any tour of London: the Changing of the Guard. The Buckingham Palace is in the background.
Westminster Abbey was watched worldwide in 2011 as the venue for William and Kate’s wedding, but it has also been a popular sight for visitors to London, just opposite the Houses of Parliament.